Bolt Action 5.5mm PCP upto 1100 fps.

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Get back to the beginning with The Umarex Origin Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle kit. The Origin comes with a 4.500 PSI rated hand pump and utilizes a patented Pre-Pressurized air tank that reduces the number of pumps required to fill the tank to full pressure.

In the beginning, shooting was good and with the Umarex Origin .22, it gets better. The Umarex Origin is your all-inclusive first step into the world of pre-charged pneumatic shooting. It’s also the ideal air rifle for survival and prepping.

The Origin .22 PCP rifle is a truly unique PCP that cuts pumping down by half so you can do more shooting. The patented pre-pressurized tank is pressurized for a full-power shot with only 13 pumps from the included 3-stage, 4,500 PSI hand pump. It’s the Ever Pressure Tank System that makes it possible to fill the air cylinder with fewer pumps. To completely fill the Origin’s tank it only requires about 100 pumps, half of the pumps required of comparable PCP rifles with a similar air cylinder volume. The Origin .22 is a smooth operator with its side-mounted cocking lever and included two 10-shot auto-indexing rotary magazines that share its design with the Umarex Gauntlet magazine.

With the Origin, you can spend less, pump less, and shoot more. Mount up your favorite optic on the combination optic rail that will accept 11mm or Picatinny rings and head to the range with the Origin .22 pellet rifle and a few tins of pellets.

– Super Easy to Use .22 Caliber Multi-Pump PCP
– Patented Pre-Pressurized Air Chamber Design
– Shoots at Full Power with Fewer Pumps
– Multi-shot PCP-Powered Pellet Rifle
– 100 Pumps Per Fill
– 40 Shots Per Fill
– Develops a Full Power shot with 13 Pumps
– Automatic Overpressure Air Release
– 3-stage, 4,500 PSI HPA Hand Pump and Fill Probe Included
– (2) Auto-Indexing 10-Shot Rotary Magazines Included
– Compact Side-Mounted Cocking Lever
– Combination Picatinny and 11mm Dovetail Optics Mounting Rail
– Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger
– 1,000 FPS with .22 Caliber Alloy Pellets








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