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An Extremely Simple and Clever non-electric device that makes use of a nail gun shell OR 12 gauge primer and fires off a sound close to a gunshot when an intruder passes a certain boundary within your premises. The device is completely non-lethal firing out no projectiles, but convincing enough to scare off an unwanted intruder and also serves as a pre-alarm to the owner of the premises.  The manual spring-loaded firing pin can be set off when the device is mounted near a door, or a string can be attached through the loop at the end of the trigger and onto an opposite mount if needed to be placed between a large gap or fence.

Includes 10 Nail Gun Shells and 10 12 gauge primers.
Makes Excellent for Driveways, Farm Pens, Garages, Doors and much more.


There are no Warranties Offered on this item, an in-store inspection of contents only will be done before dispatching.


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