Uses 4.5mm skirt pellest or Lead Balls, blowback action (the slide moves on each pull of the trigger).



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The P25 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol is equipped with the Blowback feature. This innovative technique provides a realistic action and an authentic look and feel utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when firing. A rifled steel barrel and textured grip are also features of this new air pistol that is capable of 125m/s with Gamo’s PBA Platinum Pellets.

* Brand: Gamo
* Action: Semi Automatic
* Power Source: Disposable 12g Prefilled Co2 Cylinder
* Ammo: 4.5mm Skirt Pellet/Lead Ball (Various Types)
* Magazine Capacity: 16 (2×8 Flip Magazine)
* Construction: Metal Slide/Strong Polymer Base
* Velocity: 390 Feet Per Second
* Blowback: Yes
Safety Catch: No
* Gas Insert Method: Hand Twist Key In The Handle Of The Pistol
* Included: 250 Pellets + 5 X 12g Co2 Cylinders
* Length: 190mm
* Breadth: 30mm
* Height:        
* Weight: 630g Unloaded
2 Month Repair Warranty Subject to Viewing.


Warranties,Repairs & Maintenance

* Item will be tested in-store before dispatching for delivery.
* 3 Month Repair or Swop-out Warranty subject to fault.  Should a Charged Repair be required out of Warranty as per terms and conditions given below, please do Contact Us for a quote.
* Customers will be liable to pay shipping Costs to pick up and Re-Deliver the item should the need arise for warranty fulfilment or charged repairs if the product cannot be dropped off to or collected physically from us.
* Repairs may take upto 6 weeks from the time of receipt by us as we cannot always guarantee parts availability at any given time.
* If we are unable to repair the item due to whatever reasons, a swop will offered and in the event that there are no quantities available of this same item, you may choose another item from ANY of our products equal to the same/similar Value.  Please Contact Us for any further info should the need arise.
* Gas Leaks and Spring-Wear on magazines are not covered in the Warranty (Please see below Tips and Cautions). 

Tips and Cautions:
– It is strongly not advised to leave a pierced Gas Cannister in the Chamber while the pistol is not in use for a long period (approx 5 hours max) as consistently doing this will cause the seal to snap and will not hold the canister at full pressure or cause it to leak.  Use a dab of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline for example) on the Tip of each CO2 Canister before inserting it into the gun as this will help maintain the seal for a longer period.  You may leave the canister in the gun for as long as you want WITHOUT puncturing the canister in the valve.

– In the case of Magazine fed Steel Ball Gas Pistols, always load your Magazine 1 or 2 balls less than the Max Capacity so as to  maintain tension on the spring.

– It is also advised to make use of the CO2 GAS LUBRICATION CANISTER to do a general internal maintenance on your pistol after approximately 500 shots.


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