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How do you follow one of the most successful designs in modern knife history? Ed Halligan’s original two-piece K.I.S.S.® (Keep It Super Simple) money clip knife has been a sensation for nearly a decade. But we call this two-piece design Halligan’s Ultimate Gadget (H.U.G.™) because it is as small, simple and lightweight as the K.I.S.S., but so much more sophisticated and versatile.

For those who prefer the black tactical look, we offer the H.U.G.™ in the Dark, with a non-reflective black titanium nitride blade and frame coating, plus black hardware and a black stainless steel plated clip.

Like the K.I.S.S., the H.U.G. is a frame-lock folder with a single-sided blade. However, Ed has refined almost every aspect.

The 2.30″ blade is now a modified spear point with a single-side grind which seals against the frame. It is more useful for the type of pen knife tasks most users will give the knife. Blade material is high-carbon stainless steel, and both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges are available in the larger-size H.U.G.

The frame, also high-carbon stainless steel, now uses an ingenious internal frame lock. A single glass filled nylon scale makes the handle fit the hand better, and also helps prevent the blade from accidental opening. A finger choil on the bottom of the frame and friction grooves at the thumb area make for a more secure grip, and give more comfort during extended use.

A compact custom stainless steel pocket/money clip makes this a handy and useful personal carry in all situations.

Yes, the shape is different from the K.I.S.S. and more refined, but the purpose remains the same—high utility from a minimal design. And like the original K.I.S.S. knife series, all H.U.G. models are excellent values, built to the highest-quality standards.

So whether you think of it as Halligan’s Ultimate Gadget or High Utility Gear, never turn down a little H.U.G.


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