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The BT Rip Clip electronic paintball loader. Powered by HALO the designers of the world’s fastest loaders, the BT rip-clip uses a modified drive cone and unique body to deliver a truly impressive feed rate. The rip-clip supplies the fuel you need to feed your electronic BT!
Empire® BT Paintball has designed a loader specifically for use with the Tippmann Model 98 paintball marker. The NEW Empire® BT Rip Clip Loader utilizes the same proven features as the original released Rip Clip paintball loaders, utilizing HALO™ technology for sound-activated, force-feed loading. Utilizing a microphone for sound sensing, the loader only feeds when it detects the sound of the marker firing. After ceasing to fire the paintball marker, the lack of sound will direct the paintball loader to stop feeding and enter a stand-by mode. The large capacity shell holds over 200 paintballs, plenty to light up the enemy. The Rip Clip will feed over 8000 shots before needing a battery replacement.

* Side mounted for a clean line of sight down the barrel
* Uses Sound Technology to Feed Paintballs
* Built-in Rip Drive
* 200+ Paintball Capacity
* 15+ball per second Feed Ratio
* 3 Adjustable Speed and Sound Settings
* Automatic Ball Stack Monitoring
* Low Battery Indicator
* Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive


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