There is NO Start Up Fees, NO Long Working Hours, and well practically no work at all – All we need is for you to get us marketed on the ground via word of mouth, hope we get a sale, and earn. There is NO risk of you losing any money, investing or any obligation for you to meet any deadlines.


The Fun Part and How it works:

The only job for you to do is try and get people who you feel would be interested in our product range, simply direct them to us without negotiating any prices or getting involved in the transaction itself, and should we make a sale from that person, a 6% cut is yours.

Once you have filled in and signed, The Person interested will then receive a Rep Code like “TH123” for example. Once you receive your code, you will be asked (only if you are able to) to collect some business cards that you can hand out to whoever you feel may be interested in Triggerhappy’s Product Range, and we advise that you write your Rep Code at the back of the card, so that your customer whom you have directed to us can help us match your Rep Code on the System. Understand that this is just a tool to get the word of mouth out, but if you like you can verbally or via social media get Triggerhappy’s details out, and then ask that customer to use your Rep Code when he comes to purchase. For this, a draft E mail With our Logo and a brief description of what we do with our contact details will be sent to you so you can forward on to people you think will be potential customers – please include the same details in your e mails regarding the Rep Code. The business cards are simply just a plus, but we will accept even if the customer memorises your Rep Code and gives it to us verbally as a reference. If they do end up ordering through the website, please advise them to leave your Rep code in the Comments on the Order Form when checking out.


If anyone of your customers whom you have advised to buy from Triggerhappy does so, and refers your Rep Code to us, we will pay you a 6% Commission on ANY sales generated from that person, for as long as our business runs – yes, that means everytime, even if its the same customer coming 5 times a week to purchase from us, 6% of every sale collected from him will be paid to you. There will be no negotiating on prices, in depth learning of products or anything of the sort from your side – you just need to send an interested customer to me and I will handle the rest of the sale.



5 customers bought from us for the month of May 2015 to the value of R5000.00 with Rep Code “TH123”. Rep “TH123” will then be paid on the 31st of May (Last Day) 6% of R5000.00 = R300.00


Other Tips/Cautions:

-We will send out E mails to you regarding changes, new products, developments etc which you can forward to everyone you know to create more interest – the more purchases on your Rep Code, the more you will earn.


-Also remember that we are able to Courier Nationwide in S.A, so you can even stretch your Rep Code into any Area via Social Media.


-Should customers enquire more about products that we stock, pricing, etc, please direct them to our website : . Check this out yourself as well just to have a better understanding of the products so you know who to inform – Please do not negotiate any Pricing or do any transactions.

Based on the products that Triggerhappy Stocks, take into account the following sorts of people you need to look at giving the word to:


*Security Companies

*Police/Metro Cops

*General Businesses/Business Men

*Travelling Reps

*Younger Teens who cannot apply for Gun Licences (under 21)


*Paintball Fields

*Gift Shops

*People looking for gifts – these are very unique (mainly boys or tomboy) gifts.


Another Great Idea you May Also use to boost your Sales (more largely even than word of mouth) would be to approach shop owners in your area, and request if you can leave a poster of ours in his store with your referral code. Any customer that enters his store will refer your code as instructed on the Poster and like this you will generate some great sales.




-Bear in mind that most of the Weapons/Toys we sell obviously require some consumable items to function like gas and ammo, like for example pellets for pellet guns. You will still earn recurringly if your customer keeps coming back for ammo – so be positive that each customer that you gain for us will not necessarily be buying once off only.


General Rules:

-Note Strictly that payments made will only be taken into account if a sale takes place with us. If a customer is sent to us and does not end up purchasing anything, nothing will be paid to you. We are just making it clear that there is no earning by only directing potential customers to us – they MUST Buy for you to be paid.


-Should there be a credit that takes place from a previous sale (example if a customer mistakenly bought the wrong item at a higher price than the actual item that he wanted and returns it), your amount paid will be affected – EG, Buys a pistol at R600.00 and then decides within the time frame we give him to exchange the item that he rather wants a different Pistol for R400.00, you will only earn the money which is netted off:

So the first time awarded you 6% of R600.00 = R36.00, but the customer then returned it, and then re bought for R400.00, which means we have to reverse the R36.00, and then pay you 6% of R400.00 = R24.00.

The general rules of sale are set in place by us already in a way that this will very very seldom occur, but should it happen, this is the rule.


-Note that this is a COD business and no Credit is given – payments must be done for any products the same time. However, we do accept Lay Buys for a maximum period of 2 months, and the payment will only be made to you once the item has been fully paid for if it is a Lay Buy purchase.


-Any interested persons wanting to join the marketing incentive (becoming a Rep), MUST receive the Rep Code whether the admin is done physically with us or telephonically/social media. If the Rep Code is not given to you, it means you are not logged onto the system and you will not be paid for any customers you direct to us.


-Banking Details given must be completely accurate as we cannot be held responsible if money is paid into the wrong bank account. The Same applies for a CHANGE in Banking details as well, that it be communicated and confirmed in writing to us.

-All Payments will be done at the last day of the month as this is the best way to administrate and avoid confusions.


-Under no Circumstances is any Rep allowed to negotiate any pricing further to what is advertised on the Website or in promotional e mails – if you do find difficulty with anything, please direct the customer to us – only we negotiate the transaction.


-We do reserve the right, should we feel based on the business performance, to lower or increase the commission percentage, but this will be communicated within a reasonable time frame to everyone. Should this happen, will apply to ALL Reps and no preference will be given to anyone based on performance. The incentive idea itself will however not stop and payments, big or small percentages, will always be ongoing unless the business closes down.


-A summary of the value you have sold on your Rep Code will accompany your proof of payment at the end of the month. Unfortunately at this stage we do not have any hi-tech software system to show you individually what has been sold item for item on your Rep Code as a soft copy, but copies of invoices to the customers will be available on request. Private E mails will also be sent to the Rep each time a sale or credit is done on his Rep Number with the value to be paid or deducted from his earning. If you wish and if its possible you can ask the customer you have sent to us for his slip copy just for assurance.


-As a motivation, the earnings to all Reps will be visible when the summary is given out so that all can see the payment is fair, but will only reflect the Rep Code numbers – no personal details will be shown like your number, name, etc. I do not foresee very huge amounts being paid in the beginning stages so I wouldn’t consider it to be a safety concern. We can always re look at a later stage if this does not come in anyone’s favour.


-As for Customers you may attract from far places and we need to courier stock through, please insist that they give your Rep Code upon beginning the sale with us. A draft E mail With our Logo and a brief description of what we do with our contact details will be sent to you so you can forward on to people you think will be potential customers – please include the same details in your e mails regarding the Rep Code (as mentioned in the beginning as well).


-Should you send any customer to us, we will offer him the marketing incentive idea as well. Remember this will still not affect your earnings as his purchases from us will still award your percentage cut, and his new customers will earn him.


-A question may arise regarding a fact that what if a customer was referred to by more than one rep? In this case obviously in the beginning the second rep that approaches him after the first, might be told by the potential customer that the already has a Reference. If he does choose to accept a second reference for whatever reason, the percentage cut will go to the Rep Code that the customer chooses to use. There can also be a possibility that the customer would want to perhaps also split his sale between 2 reference numbers so that both Rep Codes will benefit.


Example :

Rep 123 and 124 both are referred by customer X. Mr X decides to buy for R1500.00 in total, but wishes to split this as R600.00 with reference to Rep 123, and R900.00 with reference to Rep 124. The Percentage paid will be :

to Rep 123 : R600 x 6% = R36.00,

and to Rep 124 : R900 x 6% = R54.00


Unfortunately this is not within our control, but try as best as possible to avoid giving a second Rep Code to a customer that already has one.

-Anyone willing to leave the marketing development incentive may do so at anytime but must be sent to us in writing with the Rep Code so that we can remove you from the database.