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The M17 CQC is the most revolutionary gun in MagFed paintball. MILSIG has developed the technology to embed a steel skeleton in a polymer body for their HEAT Core operating system. The result is the M17 CQC that weighs under 5lbs when loaded. With features like a new ambidextrous paddle Magazine Release, a Polymer Integrated Sight Rail system, and a short, smooth bore barrel the M17 CQC has that classic carbine look. The grip is interchangeable with most real steal AR-15 grips. The barrel uses the ever popular A-5 threads. The mounting hardware on the shroud will accept any shroud MILSIG has ever made. The 18 round magazine will feed paintballs or First Strike rounds. The most popular feature though is the MECHANICAL FULL AUTO feature. No batteries. No wires. No solenoids. Just a selector switch with SAFE, SEMI-AUTO, and good old ROCK AND ROLL.

Length: 694mm / 27″
Weight: 2.25KG / 5.0 lbs
Polymer composite encased steel construction
2 pin maintenance take down
Mechanical Full Auto
Interchangable AR-15 style grip
AR-15 style bolt reset handle
Fire selector switch / safety
Ambidextrous magazine release

Package includes:
* M17 CQC Marker
* Barrel Plug
* 18 Round First Strike compatible Squarehead Magazine
* MATS 13ci compatible buttstock
* Polymer flip-up sights
* Polymer CQC shroud
* 190mm Smoothbore Bull Barrel


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