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If you are looking for a great recreational, scenario or woodsball gun and don’t want to break the bank, check out the Empire Battle Tested Omega Paintball gun today. The rugged aluminum body will withstand heavy duty combat situations and provides increased performance and durability. The Empire Battle Tested Omega Paintball gun requires little in terms of regular maintenance and is fully upgradeable. The Empire Battle Tested Omega easily accepts numerous upgrades, such as the HALO powered Rip Clip, BT1913 Barrel, BT Clamp Elbow Kit and the Tactical Folding Stock. The Empire Battle Tested Omega paintball gun is also designed with a removable front magazine. Once you easily slide the mag out of the Empire Battle Tested Omega, you will find a great storage compartment as well as tool kit for quick repairs on the field. Carrying your Empire Battle Tested Omega paintball gun into battle has never been easier thanks to its secure carry handle. The Empire Battle Tested Omega permanent fixed sight rail provides you a continuous lock on your opponents, thereby giving you the confidence needed to take them out of the game. Grab your gear, lock and load and hit the field running with your Empire Battle Tested Omega Paintball Gun today!

– Upgradeable to Empire BT Electronic Grip Frame
– Rip Clip Loader Compatible
– Multi-Position Adjustable Stock
– Adjustable Velocity
– APEX Barrel Ready
– Removable Sight/Rail/Carry Handle
– Rugged Aluminum Body

Action: Semi-Automatic/Upgradable to full Auto
Power Source:Disposable 12g CO2 if used in conjunction with “Quick Change” Adapter or Various sizes Refillable CO2 or High Pressure Compressed Air Cylinders – Allows roughly 20 Shots per ounce or 25 Shots per 12g Disposable Cylinder.
Max. Muzzle Velocity: 300 Feet Per Second
Ammo: 0.68 cal Paintballs/Rubber/Solid Nylon/Pepper
Capacity: Various depending on Hopper


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