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This Convenient mini bag makes a convenient ammunition satchel for the range to store your ammo and a max of 2 small pistols while on your person.  The bag can be strapped around the thigh, and is braced with an additional strap that ties around the waist.  It poses 7 Compartments in Total:

* 2 Large Compartments: 1 Main pull close Compartment, and 1 Concealed Carry Compartment with a small holster that attaches to a velcro inner lining.
* 2 Magazine compartments on either side.
* 2 Smaller Zippered compartments: 1 on the outer flap and 1 behind the flap.
* 1 Small pocket compartment sewn onto the inner smaller Zippered compartment.  


There are no Warranties Offered on this item, an in-store inspection will be done before dispatching.


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