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* Shotgun Bandolier Sling with a lot of unique features that you’ve been looking for.
* Holds 15 each 2 ¾” & 3″ Shotshells in Elastic bands. It has a Padded Cover that secures the shotshells in their loops and protects the shotshells.  Padded Cover attaches to sling via hook and loop fasteners.
* Barrel end of sling has an Elastic band section to absorb the shock when walking with the shotgun shouldered. There is also a Padded Shoulder Pad covering the Shoulder area of the sling to make it more comfortable when shouldered. Shoulder Pad has 1″ web material sewn on to provide attachment points for attaching a: pocket knife, multi-tool, or flashlight.
* Includes a pair of 1″ Sling Swivels to attached to sling studs on your shotgun or the sling will attach directly to the sling loops on your shotgun.
* Length: Adjustable from 84cm to 140cm
* Weight: 275g



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